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lecture Review Hypercarb, D. Kot , T. Macko, J.H. Arndt, R. Brüll

Lamborghini Veneno (high tech hyper carb)vs huracan Perfomante (cheap Supercar) which is best?

Follow me on twitter plz and ferrariironman (luxury performance of Roblox @ Roblox motors
The Gaming Foxy : Good video
Brian Azzam : Nice vidro
Brian Azzam : Video*

Quick protocols: Generic SPE extraction procedure with Thermo Scientific HyperSep SPE cartridges

Learn how easy solid phase extraction (SPE) is with our HyperSep SPE cartridges to gain the cleanest extracts for your analysis.
Learn more: https://www.thermofisher.com/order/catalog/product/60108-301
Umi Najua Roslaily : Is the cartridge can be used after extract one sample? If can, how we wash it?
Youngjoo Jo : Can we wash the column and re use it? At least for the same chemical?
Tamunoemi Braide : What organic solvent would you recommend using if carrying out SPE on water samples spiked with Glyphosate with the aim of retaining glyphosate in the cartridge?
Mohammad Arar : Could you please explain Wash step? how can I do it?
Marcela López : Pretty sure that usage may not be proper, and the real application is completely different, but is Thermo Scientific.




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