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What a TOP 1% STRIPE Looks Like! | MultiVersus

What a TOP 1% STRIPE Looks Like! | MultiVersus
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Onestep : What are YOUR thoughts on the new assassin STRIPE in #multiversus?! Let me know! And for more check out this Playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKuP_CzvvqNLpm42FMi58RLCNHE53JQ5E
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Roan Starke : I am really bad at multiversus and then i see you playing with these characters and using the correct moves at the perfect time and then i think of me just smashin the attack button
TheOnly0NE : You was killing me with the Rick fight when they are near the blast zone shoot them it’s a instant K.O when you do. Also the gun can spike if you are on top of someone lol
Michael Riddick : I hope they continue to move away cute and cuddly to more savage ones like Stripe
Kyle Howard : Yeah they need to fix the ringouts. You got him out 3 times by the time the first one even counted. I’ve noticed that’s been a problem lately.

How To Play Stripe: Best Perks, Strategies, & More!

Today we're doing a bit of a breakdown for Stripe, including tips, strategies, perks, \u0026 more! MultiVersus recently released a huge update with balance changes, so hopefully this helps you guys dominate with Stripe. Enjoy!
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How old are you?
I'm 18 years old! Currently a senior in public high school (grade 12)

Where do you live?
I live in Texas, USA (near the Dallas area)

Do you live alone?
I live with my parents right now, but I plan on moving out after I graduate high school!
Thanks for watching, see you next time!
Melon Gay : I've been waiting for stripe ever since I saw the roster leak huge gremlins fan and I love what they did with him he's so fun
Zeph Williams : I just fought 50 stripes in a row (seriously I’ve been playing for hours) and on thing I learned from that experience was:
They need to fix these servers
CareeseFangirlForever : I've been having lots of fun with Stripe after dumping most of my time into Harley just because I love her character. The fact that he's packing heat with that pistol is probably the most amusing part of his kit.
Wolfe : His bullets do 4 damage, 2 with spam reduce. There's a few instances where spamming them would work. 12 damage is pretty good and he'll always have another bullet after doing a combo as the cool down isn't bad.

Road to TOP 0.1% STRIPE - MultiVersus 1v1

In this video I play Stripe, MultiVersus' biggest menace. I made it to top 10 which was my goal, so idk if I'll play him any further. Also for those who don't know, my Batman was "shadowbanned" (bug where I only got matched against bots no matter how many matches I played), since August already. So I stopped playing until it got fixed... and it never got fixed. There's a bunch of other reasons why I stopped playing but that was one of the main ones.

This compilation is filled with projectiles, so enjoy seeing my opponents in pure agony! Big/slow opponents are an easy target for Stripe, like Iron Giant. Stripe's aerials are big asf and his variety of utility is extremely fun. Give him a try if you haven't yet.

Watch until the VERY end for a FLAMING surprise.

Feeding After Midnight
Slippery Customer
I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge

And never forget,

I'm Batman

Or Stripe :/


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MadJuice : Disc server in the description!

Main reason why I stopped playing in the description as well.

TLDR for my huge rant underneath:
Game isn't improving, so I stopped playing.

MultiVersus is really hard to enjoy for me now.

There are issues upon issues which was fine at first. I had expected a substantial amount of change, but after 2 months and a half almost nothing changed.

The servers make the game borderline unplayable. It's too often that the game puts one of the two people in such a big disadvantage that it's plain unfair. The opponent's active and invicibility frames last longer, hitboxes become bigger, hurtboxes become smaller. The game makes me feel robbed every match and it isn't fun to play. I do notice that this occurs the most with the same players, so maybe there's some sort of connection between the server advantage and bad wifi.

And then the other person suffers from a server disadvantage. Where it's the exact opposite from that and MORE. Dodges sometimes just barely move you. Instead they laggily drag you across the screen, giving you no air acceleration. Simple combos become undoable, like Batman's double uppercut or slide into uppercut. This is because the dodge/jump cancels in between simply don't work anymore in some matches. It's even the case sometimes that dodges and jumps don't work. They throw you around randomly or you get cut short. AND THEY MAKE THE HIT/HURTBOXES AND FRAMEDATA SO BAD. Often times I'll rewatch a clip and keep seeing myself get hit by a move before the attack has even gotten past it's startup. And it's gotten so bad at this point that I've gotten hit without them even having an animation at all.

Though the server (dis)advantage might or might not be true. I've had a mirror match against a streamer where we both did the same move over and over and his attack had more priority over mine, even if I did mine earlier. Then I went to go check the stream and he was complaining about the same thing.

Framedata seems to be randomly spread around moves. People are aware of way too fast startup frames on certain characters. But one thing I never see mentioned is active frames. The amount of them on specific moves is just wild. For example Jake's dair. A move that has barely any startup or recovery time, a huge hitbox and has constant active frames. While Batman's side air seems to be completely randomized when it comes to active frames. Sometimes it disappears immediately and other times it stays a little while, again this might be because of servers. But I've never played local so I don't know if that's the case or not. This active frame amount problem also makes it so that the dodge is rendered useless by some moves. This is very easy to spot when it comes to sword characters. And this issue also causes Stripe's fair to sometimes hit TWICE, doing 24 damage with just one move.

Then there's the hurtbox overhaul which completely killed any hope I had left. It created more issues than it originally had. Let's take Batman's dodge as an example. He dashes with his upper body into a direction, leaving his feet behind. So any attack that was aimed towards Batman's position before the dodge will still often hit him, because it hits his toes. It seems like they just plopped the new hurtboxes on without any adjustments. Although the update did still improve the game a lot, I don't want to take anything away from the team.

The game seems to be very "function follows form", and not "form follows function".

I don't care about the game not having enough maps or anything content wise. I simply want a polished game for me to master, but this game is so buggy atm and it has been for too long. Tony said that big updates were coming, so I hope that doesn't just mean ranked and new characters/maps. But instead some fundamental changes and improvements, and then I'll welcome those new additions with open arms.

What do you guys think?
shroomie : that Iron Giant at 2:33 got up to 203 damage before he hit you LOL
zKaiio : happy to see u back, cant wait for the next bats vid, keep up with the good work!
Unknown _ : It’s actually terrifying watching this. I’ve gone against some tough players but I could never.
Abdmazouz26 : Damn ur rly good with stripe, I hope the bug gets fixed soon tho I rly enjoy watching you play batman, as a batman main myself.




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