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SAP2000 - 01 Introductory Tutorial: Watch & Learn

Learn about the SAP2000 3D finite element based structural analysis and design program and the powerful modeling tools available to create models using frame, area, and solid objects, to which a wide range of static and dynamic loads can be applied, followed by either steel or concrete design, with both analysis and design results viewable graphically and in tabular format.
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This course has been prepared assuming that the students who enroll in this course are completely new to this software. The main purpose of this course is to make the students familiar with the SAP2000 so that they can easily take the higher level courses without having confusions. Basic level of knowledge is given in this course as this course is  for complete beginners.

In this video, I have talked about the analysis of simply supported beams. After that, I have talked about the modeling of a simple structure. The concept of mass source and how to define the mass source properly has also been explained in this course. Defining the load combinations and load patterns have also been explained. Finally, the method to do structural analysis and design have been explained.

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Champ : Thank you for such a nice tutorial. I have a question about the beam section at 23.52 minute. I'm not sue if the depth and width should be 0.35 and 0.23 respectively? I might be wrong, please advise me.
Fabio Sacchetti : Thanks for the presentation! But what if i have to design a composed section of a pillar? In my case a three hinges portal frame with taperd beams and pillars, made of glulam
Panos -Mak : That was a nice presentation.
A very helpful guide to start working on sap 2000 .

Thank you
Mzee Byalufu : Thank you for the presentation. And I also love your tutorials.

Some inquiry, could you be having or knowing a book that explains step by step on how to go about Sap2000, thats a reference book.

I have of late released that when I read a book, I don't forget. But when I watch a tutorial I forget easily.

So any book you would recommend me to read?
Thank you so much in advance.

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SAKSHI SINGH : Thank You so much. I was looking for this version for the whole day.
Wesley Santana : Muito obrigado, espero que me ajude.
Diego Gonzalez : Thanks!, it works perfectly, but for how many days is this license valid?
ِAbd ElhalleM : thank you bro that was really helpful.
xhana haxhibeti : Thank you,, it helped,, a lot..




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